Having a website is only half the battle won. To ensure that visitors come back to your site, you will have to regularly provide your visitors with the latest information and constantly update your site. Sounds like a cumbersome job? Not really! With our Content Management Solutions, you can easily update your website as and when required.

Our expert CMS developers will customize your web apps as per your requirements and help you to streamline and simplify your web publishing procedures. Our Content Management Solutions enable SMEs to update their websites without requiring much external support, thereby helping them to cut down their IT expenditures drastically.

Our team has wide experience in working on all major Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress, Mambo, Magento and Drupal.

Benefits of SuccessfulContent Management System

A Content Management System allows the user to edit and update the site regularly. The CMS provides an interface that allows the editor to create content, add images and multimedia files, create content schedules, edit content, etc. very easily.

Based on our wide experience of working on several Content Management Systems, here is a sum up of the benefits of a CMS:

  • No technical expertise required

    Editing content in a CMS does not require much technical knowledge.

  • Decentralized Maintenance

    CMS allows the user to edit content from anywhere in the world thus making your web maintenance faster and easier.

  • Access restrictions

    Through CMS, each user can be assigned access to only a particular section of the site. This ensures that site sections are edited only by people who are authorized for the same.

  • Design Consistency

    In a CMS, design is stored separately from content. So even when you edit the content of one section, the overall UI and design does not change.

  • Automatically generated navigation

    In a CMS, navigation menus are generated based on database content. So, chances of broken links or missing pages are minimized.

  • Module Extensions

    You can easily add dynamic content in the form of polls, forums, etc. using module extensions.

  • Content Scheduling

    You can control the time when you want a particular content to go live.


Vavia has successfully implemented various Content Management Systems for the following:

  • Websites
  • Social Networking sites
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Intranet
  • Blog
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Property Management Solutions