Mobile Application


The new market is the market of the Blackberrys, the Androids and the iPhones. According to a recent survey, as high as 77% of the world population carries a mobile phone. Mobile-commerce is predicted to reach US billion in 2015.So if you want to target this growing set of customers, mobile is the way to go.

Using our Mobile Application solutions, you can connect to your customers better. We customize your apps giving you an edge over your competitors. While developing your Mobile App, User Experience, ease of use, functionality and quick data processing are the key points that our developers focus on.

Our expertise covers all major mobile platforms- iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

our process

Mobile Application Development is a new age field in India, which requires both technical knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of the end-user. Moreover, mobile application development on different platforms requires different approaches - an iPhone App is developed very differently from a Blackberry App. At Vavia, we have dedicated teams for each of the major mobile platforms- iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Choosing the right type of app

Whether you want to develop a native application, which will leverage the specific functionality of the platform or you want to make a web app that will operate and render inside the mobile browser that comes with your phone- these are important decisions which one has to make while developing a mobile application.

UL / UX Considerations

A mobile app is much more than viewing your website on your mobile phone. It has an altogether different UI/UX paradigm which is different for different platforms. Which information from your site will go on your mobile app, which information will be truncated, the information flow; all these decisions form an important part of our process.

Security Measures

Each app that is developed at Vavia goes through several rounds of testing. We do not deliver a project till the time we are sure that all security measures are in place and all loopholes have been plugged.

Delivery & Support

We look forward to establish long term relationship with you. Our support team ensures that your app is launched successfully and you meet your targeted goals.



At Vavia, we assist you right from the ideation stage to the delivery stage of the app. Our iPhone team works on developer tools like Xcode, Cocoa Touch framework and Objective C .We ensure that all features incorporated in the app are in accordance with Apple- specified guidelines.


At Vavia, we have been instrumental in creating a wide range of Blackberry apps- from enterprise level to individual level. We have developed apps using various methods like Eclipse Pulsar, Java apps using RIM APIs and cross platform Java apps using MIDP and CLDC libraries.


Android is an important platform to develop mobile applications using the software stack provided in the Google Android SDK. Using a combination of both SDK tools and platform tools, our team has developed apps across a wide range of domains- Enterprise Applications, Location-based Applications, Utility Applications and many more.