WHAT ISweb strategy

A web strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal from your online endeavors. In web, one size fits all does not work. The secret behind any online success is a careful and well-planned strategy. Strategizing and planning are the two most crucial elements of a successful online campaign. Anybody with a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can design your website but what distinguishes experts from amateurs is the experience. With expertise in strategizing for websites across multiple domains, Vavia not only ensures that you meet your set goals but also surpass them.


Highly result- driven and targeted, Vavia's Web Strategy services can change the face of your business and launch it on a high growth trajectory. We understand that a well-planned Web Strategy opens new vistas and avenues to a business. Our expert team analyzes your needs and translates them into a roadmap to your online strategy. We work to ensure that your presence in the dot.com world is noticed and rewarded.

We help you develop a strong online foundation -design, content formulation, development, hosting and promotion are some of our key areas of expertise. Our team is competent to provide valuable guidance in all aspects of your web strategy. We have the technical acumen as well as the creative streak that will help your website stand out from the crowd.

Our Process

Our Web Strategy process involves the following stages:

Understanding client expectations from the website

Here we try to get an in-depth understanding of what you want to achieve through your website. How does the website fit into your overall business plan, will it be your main revenue source or will it be a source of additional income, is your website part of a multi-channel strategy-we try to seek answers to all these questions in this stage.

Understanding the target market

A thorough understanding of the target market is critical to your online success. Whether you are planning to have a B2B model or a B2C model, your current size of the online market, your short term and long term conversion goals-all these help us to form a strong web strategy for your business. We also do a target market profiling based on age, gender, tastes & preferences etc.

Competition Mapping

In this stage, we try to analyze your competitors. An intensive competition study is done to understand how they are approaching their market, what worked for them, what did not work for them, etc.

Differentiation & Planning

After all the research and planning, we finally sit on the drawing board to chalk out a plan for your web presence. Our primary goal is to give you a distinct look and feel, a smooth delivery system and ensure maximum returns.